“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

Woody AllenUS movie actor, comedian, & director (1935 – )

Dear St. Luke’s Community,

Think what you will of Woody Allen from a personal or artistic standpoint, but this little nugget is at the heart of being able “to do the work you have given us to do, to love and serve you as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.” (BCP 366). For us to be the Good News People that we are called to be as Christ’s Body in the world, we first have to show up. Another way of putting it is that we need to exercise a ministry of presence. To be really present where we have been called to be is a consistent challenge for those of us who seek to live a life of faith.

One of the accompanying challenges is not to shrink from the world around us. The ministry of presence is not passive. To be really present with the world is to be engaged in it. To be aware of what’s going on about us and to be unabashed in re-presenting ourselves and the Gospel Good News to the world is at the heart of being faithful witnesses. That’s the work of a missionary. By our Baptismal Covenant we have all been called to be active and present in the Mission field.

This past Tuesday the active part of St. Luke’s ministry of presence bore wonderful fruit. Without compromising the confidentiality of the event our proclamation of presence to the neighborhood in our new sign planted a seed around the Healing Service. One of the folks who attended the service told me that she had come because she had seen the sign. With her she brought the concerns of a friend. Because of our willingness to declare our presence without guilt or shame to the passersby on Pleasant St., we had the privilege of being a prayerful presence with and for some of God’s Beloved.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you do, remember who you re-present. Show up, be present, tell the Gospel truth and leave the results to God.

Peace and Good,

The Rev. Warren Earl Hicks, Rector
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
921 Pleasant St.
Worcester, MA 01602
508-756-1990 (Office)
508-756-8277 (Fax)

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