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Dear Folks,

I’m getting ready to do some traveling. Next weekend Rick Kimball, Mary Hicks and I will travel to Washington D.C. for training in the Disciples of Christ in Community (DOCC) program at the National Cathedral (more on that in another update!!!!). After returning from that trip, we’re off on family vacation to Nashville with my extended family.

I mention this because it never ceases to amaze me how much work it is to get ready to go on vacation! There’s so much to do on both ends of a vacation, both the getting ready and the returning, that it’s easy to forget to really have one’s vacation. There is a strong corollary in the Spiritual Life.

We are people who treasure our tradition. We hear the stories of God’s past interaction with folks every weekend at worship. We often read these stories to ourselves as we study the Scriptures as individuals as part of our faith formation. We pay attention to the past and we should.

We also look forward to a more full coming of God’s Kingdom. We see ourselves on a Pilgrim’s Journey back to where we came from, communion and full relationship with God. So we look ahead with the Christian virtue of Hope squarely on the horizon. And that’s a good thing!

What can happen, however, is that we can spend so much time on where we’ve been and where we’re going that we miss the gift of where we are. So it is with the life of the Church. We can be so tethered to our memory of better days, that we miss the blessing that rests at our feet each day. Likewise, we can be so invested in the promise of a better future in God that we lose sight of the blessed present that God showers us in every day. I hope you get the point I’m making.

Reflecting on vacations past is great. Planning new adventures for the future is worthy. Having said that, I’m going to do my best to be really present to the experience of vacation while it’s happening. I’ll let you know how that works out. See you this weekend!!!


Just a note with this video. I was stunned by the disconnect between my expectations and the reality I witnessed. Another lesson in humility and standing back from judgement (and the Lord knows I really need all the reminders I can get).

Have a grand day and dream big dreams.


Archbishop Rowan Williams talking about at the core, what the Church is. The Church exists in response to the often surprising touch of Jesus into our lives.

Where’s the Church? Not just under the steeple!!!

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