The following is a flier announcing a neighborhood meeting for the folks in the Salisbury Area of Tantuck in Worcester.  I commend it to your reading and action!!!

Do you feel safe walking or driving on Flagg Street?

This question will be explored at a public meeting scheduled for
Sept. 8, 7:00pm at Congregation Beth Israel on Jamesbury Drive.

Flagg Street between Aylesbury Rd. and Pleasant St. is a “perfect storm” waiting to happen for motor vehicles and pedestrians alike.  Contributing factors include a narrow street, increasing traffic, mature trees, hazardous Fall and Spring morning icing, and, most important, no continuous sidewalk on either side of the street.

In an effort to increase public safety and improve quality of life, we
believe options for Flagg Street between Aylesbury and Pleasant St. include 1) making it a one way street and installing a sidewalk on one side or both, or  2) keeping it a two way street but allowing for a sidewalk on one side or the other.

District City Councilor William Eddy, District City Councilor Joff Smith, State Representative Bob Spellane, and State Senator Harriette Chandler have committed to attend meeting and support initiative.

Please consider contributing your thoughts prior to meeting:

If interested in being part of neighborhood association database and receiving future notices, contact Liz Murphy at or Joe Pagano at  or call:  508-932-5200.

Hope to see you Sept. 8th!

Salisbury Area Neighborhood Association