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Hey there.  Some of you might remember that I wrote an entry on the self same subject last month.  I did so thinking that I was falling behind in my commitment to talk about the MDGs.  I realized the next day that I was a month ahead, not late.  So…here we go again.

I made a commitment to an online friend the other day that I would blog about the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals) today.  Now to figure out what to say!

I’m only half kidding.  If you’re not aware of what the MDGs are here’s a brief overview courtesy of the United Nations which drafted these goals as a way of seeking to eliminate global development problems by attacking them at their roots:

We can be overwhelmed at the enormity of these development challenges if we bite off too big a hunk of them.  Maybe what we can do best is see where these challenges affect our own neighborhoods.  True, it may not be that we have stark examples of poverty, child mortality and all the rest down the street, but we would do well not to take for granted what we do have and be honest about what’s lacking locally.

Environmental sustainability begins in our homes and extends to our neighbors.

Universal primary education is often a sporadic reality for homeless families (Buy your Hope for Housing Grocery Cards at St. Luke’s!!!!)

HIV and malaria, well a mosquito net that will protect a child in a developing country costs about $10 and addresses 2 of the goals.  Think on that and Google a place to donate!

You’ll have loads of ideas if you just spend some time reflecting on what you can do.  If not try this link for the ONE Campaign where you can find out what One person can do to make a difference in the life of another and indeed in the life of the world.

Take some time today to think about what you CAN do, not about what you CAN’T do.  It’s hard work, but it’s really good work.

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