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I ran across this video in my inbox tonight after giving a talk to my Disciples of Christ in Community group on Love and working for the Kingdom of God.  I thought it appropriate. We were talking about Loving the way God loves as a means of pointing toward the new Creation that God is longing to bring upon the world this Christmas as has been the case for these last 2000 years and more.

May we dare stand by one another regardless of nationality, race, gender, sexual preference.  God has called us to the work of building a just Kingdom alongside the Divine and with all the people of the world.  Enjoy and stand by someone and ask them to stand by you and sing the same song to the world.

May there be peace on earth and may it begin with me standing with you.


It seems as though every morning that I wake up there’s a new crisis on the horizon.  It’s certainly not a new observation that there seems to be considerably more bad news at the doorstep than good news.  If we as Christians got all of our information from ‘the world’ hope would be elusive at best.

From the ongoing global financial crisis, the humanitarian crises in Sudan, Zimbabwe and Gaza, to the specter of climate change and global warming it is easy to conclude that the world is “going to hell in a handbasket”.

We who point toward the coming of God’s Kingdom to earth we do not have the luxury of abandoning hope.  To see current realities as devoid of hope we have to live in posture where we have to look from the point of view that the height of God’s creation is going to be brought about by human will, skill and ingenuity.  The reality is other than that, however. Thanks be to God!!!!

God will usher in the kingdom at time of God’s choosing and by a means known only to God.  Our role, it seems, is to be alert and willing to do what God would have us do in helping that to happen, or at the very least not working against God’s initiative.  We are, at best, midwives in the process of renewal, redemption and recreation.  God will birth the Kingdom here.  We are to stand at the ready to be of whatever help we may at God’s request and call.

As we look into an Advent season that is meant to remind us of the coming of God’s Kingdom in a helpless, homeless and poor child, may we be ready as the Shepherds and Magi were ready to go where the angels of God call us and to behold with wide-eyed wonder the new thing that God is doing.  It will not be ours to understand, but to experience and ours it will be, not to have nd to hold but to share and revel in.

Blessed Advent…

O Come, O Come Emmanuel, God be with us.

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