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The following is a flier announcing a neighborhood meeting for the folks in the Salisbury Area of Tantuck in Worcester.  I commend it to your reading and action!!!

Do you feel safe walking or driving on Flagg Street?

This question will be explored at a public meeting scheduled for
Sept. 8, 7:00pm at Congregation Beth Israel on Jamesbury Drive.

Flagg Street between Aylesbury Rd. and Pleasant St. is a “perfect storm” waiting to happen for motor vehicles and pedestrians alike.  Contributing factors include a narrow street, increasing traffic, mature trees, hazardous Fall and Spring morning icing, and, most important, no continuous sidewalk on either side of the street.

In an effort to increase public safety and improve quality of life, we
believe options for Flagg Street between Aylesbury and Pleasant St. include 1) making it a one way street and installing a sidewalk on one side or both, or  2) keeping it a two way street but allowing for a sidewalk on one side or the other.

District City Councilor William Eddy, District City Councilor Joff Smith, State Representative Bob Spellane, and State Senator Harriette Chandler have committed to attend meeting and support initiative.

Please consider contributing your thoughts prior to meeting:

If interested in being part of neighborhood association database and receiving future notices, contact Liz Murphy at or Joe Pagano at  or call:  508-932-5200.

Hope to see you Sept. 8th!

Salisbury Area Neighborhood Association

The all too short New England summer is fleeing quickly from experience into memory.  It simply is, it’s neither good nor bad.  It, like most everything else in life has its upside as well as its drawbacks.  The change of the seasons is as God created things.

It has been said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you deal with it.  I think there’s a great deal of wisdom in that view.

I recently read a book by a man named Alan Roxburgh called, The Sky is Falling!?! Leaders Lost in Transition. It is about, among other things, the nature of transition that the Church in the modern world finds itself in.  We can lament the passing away of a predominantly Christian culture in our world, but at the end of the day that passing away is a change.  A change that we cannot undo, but a change with which we must deal with all the imagination, prayer, obedience and creativity at our disposal if we are to continue doing the Mission of God here in Worcester.

Mr. Roxburgh says that change is inevitable and what we do with it, the 90% of faith is in how we respond.  He calls the response transition.  He says that transition is what we do in the face of change.  He says change happens to us, we can’t stop it, but what we can do is manage our response as we transition from one reality to another.

It’s in what we do that we begin to walk upon the kind of Holy Ground that Moses experienced when he heard God in a burning bush.  Change for the people of Israel was on the horizon.  They were a threat to the Egyptians and the Egyptians were acting out of fear to oppress God’s people.  God took this change and called a people into one of the great transitions in all of human history, the Exodus.

That 40 year pilgrimage continues to serve as an example to God’s people about how we can depend upon God to move us from one circumstance should we have the courage, wisdom and faith to depend on Him regardless of what change comes our way.

One of the common phrases in the our current culture is, “it’s all good!”  Well we know that it’s not all good.  That being said the Apostle Paul in the Romans says, “we know that all things work together for those who love God.” (Romans 8:28).  What Paul is reminding the Romans and us of is that God’s love, power, compassion and guidance can bring good from almost any change if we trust him to help us make transitions.

Whatever change befalls us, I pray that God will lead us through Holy Transition more deeply in relationship to Him and a deeper commitment to His Mission for the world.

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