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This is likely not news to a number of you who will read this but, here goes anyway!

What’s the most common ‘one-liner’ in all of Holy Scripture??

(Cue the Jeopardy Music)

If you questions, “What is ‘Be not Afraid?”, or “What is Fear Not?”, you have control of the board and a leg up on an even keel through the present uncertainty that surrounds all of us.  If you can really live into that advice, you ought to look into offering your services as a spiritual director!!!

No question we live in anxious and scary times.  The realities (or at least perceived realities) of living in the 24/7 new cycle are that we have at least one pseudo-crisis every day.  The language of exaggeration and hyperbole surround us on every side and inspire a sort of neo-panic that can function as practical atheism.

I’m as ‘connected’ as anyone (maybe more so) when it comes to access to information and ‘news’.  I’m coming to believe that it’s not having the best effect on my spiritual life.  When I invest my energies and time on what ‘may’ happen, I’m very likely to miss what ‘is’ happening.

Call me Pollyanna or accuse me of living in ‘denial’ but I’m coming to believe that ‘news and information’ are eroding our ability to be thankful people in relation to God.  For all the time I spend on worrying about circumstances beyond my control, I miss the opportunity to be truly present to the people in my life that are God’s gifts (for me that includes every person).

I baptized a father and daughter yesterday and the community was aglow with the joy of that event.  For a time, at least for me, anxiety was put on the run and Jesus truly was Lord of my life, my worship and my consciousness.  I, for one, want to learn how to live there more than I live in worry.  More chance for God to continue to form me.

Thanks be to God!


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